Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
Volhard Dog Training  and Nutrition

Volhard Dog Training Camp 2008

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my dog stay in my room with me?
    Yes, your dog can stay in your room with you and can be with you at all times except in the dining hall and main lecture room. When left unattended in your room, however, he or she must be crated or left in your car.

Can I bring more than one dog?
    Yes, you can. More than two is not recommended because the “taking care aspect” might interfere with  your and your dogs’ enjoyment of the Camp experience.

Are there age limitations for dogs?
    Except for puppies, which must be at least 8 weeks of age, there are no age limitations for dogs. There is no validity to the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” From puppies to senior, all dogs are welcome to participate.

What is the daily schedule?
    Activities with your dog are interspersed during the day with lectures on a variety of dog-related subjects. This schedule ensures that your dog has a chance to rest between training sessions.