Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
Volhard Dog Training  and Nutrition

Wendy Volhard's
Healthy Dog Conference 2008

General Information

The Healthy Dog Conference is for anyone interested in: 

  •      A lifetime of health for your dog.
  •      The quality of life in old age.
  •      Learning how to feed the correct food for your dog.
  •      Dealing with dog emergencies.

Educating yourself about your companion and how to take care of him or her is one of the best things you can do for your dog. Think this may be over your head? Sessions are tailored to your individual needs, both beginner and advanced. All you need is to have read “The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog” 2nd E, Volhard/Brown (Howell Book House, 2000).

If you are interested in:
  • Learning how to feed your dog correctly;
  • Maximizing performance;
  • Solving complex behavior problems;
  • Extending longevity;
  • Reducing injuries;
  • Facilitating recovery; and
  • Enjoying a healthy dog, then this Conference is for YOU!