Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
Volhard Dog Training  and Nutrition

General Information

Activities With Your Dog

Training Classes

Fast Track — a fast-paced training class for dogs of all ages. A great place to start for you and your dog.
    • The foundation of all further training: the Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dogs,        and advanced obedience.
    • For anyone who wants to learn the “Motivational Method” from the ground up.
    • No prior training experience is required to participate in this class.

Volhard Dog Training and NutritionNovice, Open and Utility   — Each class takes you through the intricacies of the various obedience exercises in a logical and orderly fashion.
    • Discover how to make distractions       work for you. 
    • How to individualize your training       to your dog.              
    • Learn to refine those advanced
      obedience skills.

Agility —  This program was developed by the Volhards’ staff and applies the step-by-step approach of the “Motivational Method” to agility training. (No prior agility experience is required.)
    • Beginner through advanced.
    • Learn basic and advanced handling techniques with special emphasis on               handler/dog team communication.
Focus Sessions
Attention and Heeling: The goal is teamwork!
Can heeling be fun, exciting and rewarding? Absolutely, if you use the principles of the “Motivational Method”. No gimmicks, just results.

Coaching: For those who are ready to compete.
    •    Find out where you are under “battle” conditions.
    •    Iron out those wrinkles.

Obedience Handling: One of Camp’s most popular sessions.
    •    First and foremost for you, the handler.
    •    Learn how to get the most out of your performance.

Rally: The latest AKC class.
    •    Like agility without the obstacles.
    •    Incorporates all the basic obedience exercises.

Retrieving: The “Motivational” way.
    •    If your dog likes treats, you can teach him or her to retrieve.

Tracking: Does your dog take you for a walk with his or her nose on the ground? If so, he or she may be a born tracker. Learn how to channel this instinct.
No prior training experience required.

Tricks: One of Camp’s favorite classes is teaching the dogs different tricks, from the simple “roll over” to “jump through my arms”, and many more.


All About Dogs: A look at behavior from the dog’s point of view.
    • Understand the characteristics and behaviors unique to each dog so you can
      more successfully interact with your pet.

    • Find out why your dog does what he does using Volhard’s Canine Personality       Profile.

More About Dogs: What you need to know about how dogs learn.
    • Different teaching models.
    • A “natural” approach to training.

Stress: how it influences learning and retention.
    • Recognizing the signs for your dog.
    • How to manage different kinds of stress.

Critical Periods: what happens as your puppy matures.
    • Keeping up with your puppy’s ability to learn.
    • What to avoid and why.

Influences on Learning: your dog is not stubborn or stupid.
    • Understanding how what comes with your dog affects learning.
    • Understanding how your dog’s environment
      affects learning.

But He Always Does it at Home: the practical application of distraction training.
    • Training in familiar locations without distractions.
    • Training in unfamiliar locations with distractions. 

Your Dog Is Not An Elephant: natural responses vs. trained behaviors.
    • Do dogs forget what they have been taught?

Your daily schedule is designed for maximum learning for both you
your dog.

Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition