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Before NDF 2

Hi Wendy – enclosed are the before and after pictures of our 4 ½ month old Lab puppy, Brady. When we got Brady at 8 weeks of age, she had diarrhea. We subsequently found that the whole litter had suffered from this. We have spent a fortune at our Veterinarian’s office, trying to get the problem resolved. We were very worried that Brady would not grow correctly, continuously on antibiotics and special supplements added to her dry dog food. We finally took the plunge on the advice of our neighbor who has Labradors on your diet, and switched to the NDF 2. These pictures were taken 10 days apart. As you can see, Brady went from a very thin, weak little girl, to a lovely dark yellow, strong and healthy little girl in

Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
After 2 weeks on NDF 2

JUST TEN DAYS. No more diarrhea, she has much more energy and now enjoys playing with other dogs. Before she was so weak, she was frightened of being pushed over and hurt. Can’t thank you

enough from all of us, especially Brady. Lesley, Nelson County, VA. -----------------------

Pavi set a new record for Newfoundlands today!

Joan Greenwald

Sat. Sep 15, 2007, Pavi set a new title record for Newfoundlands. He did this at the tender age of 11

Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
Photo by Wendi Pencille

years, 2 months, 4 days. And that's actual years, not dog years ! I'm certain he is the oldest Newfoundland to earn an AKC agility title! He earned his 20th title by smoking the Novice Agility FAST course, and earning 2nd place as well. Pavi is a 9th generation Wendy Volhard Natural Diet Dog. There is no doubt his diet, and that of his ancestors, played a factor in his being in such good shape. That makes his official name: U-CD Ebb Tide's Encore Pavarotti CD, RAE, NAJ, NAP, NJP, NFP, CL3-R, CL2-F, CL2-S, CL2-H, Can AGNJS Joan, and of course Pavi Ebb Tide Newfoundlands, Rochester, NY.

Just as an aside, according to veterinary studies, large dogs are considered senior dogs at six to eight years of age. My oldest Newfoundlands lived to be 14. To quote Wendy, "It all starts with nutrition."


Dear Wendy: Our GSD, Ursa, is doing wonderfully!! She no longer has any lesions and her personality is back to normal. Her coat is smooth and thick the way it used to be. Thank you so much. Ursa originally visited Cornell and met the chief of dermatology and following the biopsy he determined that to control her disease she would require long-term doses of corticosteroids. We discussed this and I told him what I was going to do and he didn't disagree but didn't think that we would be successful. Lesson learned. I'm looking forward to any and all helpful suggestions that you may have. Thank you ever so much for all your years of doing the RIGHT THING.

Respectfully Bob, Osewgo, NY

Many of you "old Volharders" know me and Promise and some of the "issues" she has had over the years. For those of you who are new, Promise is an 8 3/4 yr old Blue Merle, Rough Collie. Promise has been on the Volhard Natural Diet since she was 6 months old, with the occasional use of NDF. As some of you may know she has ALWAYS been a picky eater. Actually Promise takes picky eating to new heights. There wasn't a single meal, ever, where she didn't have to be "enticed" to eat. Grain
Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition meal, meat meal it didn't make any difference. Changing grains, protein, supplements, reducing amounts, etc. was of no use. That collie nose simply got turned up. She’d go several days without eating. Well all that changed last week. I'm a distributor for Wendy's new NDF2 and had ordered a supply for my neighbor. When the shipment arrived I placed the box containing the NDF2 on the counter in the laundry room. Well, I'm here to tell you that Promise was excited about what was in the box. Really excited! I'm talking whining, paws padding the floor in excitement, drooling! The next day I figured I'd give it a try. Promise actually stood by waiting, not very patiently, for her meal. She couldn't sit fast enough so her food would be put down. Talk about gobbling it up. To good to be true, I thought. Nope, same thing that PM and everyday since. BTW, her deadly breath and rock hard stools are gone also. Woo Hoo! Talk about a dog knowing what's right for them!!

Regards, Chris Chris Earle
Reiki Master/teacher/practitioner
Member Distance Healing Network for People and Pets

Woofie – 11-year-old German Shepherd.

Hi Wendy - It is Gayle and Woofie from homeopathy school and all of that. My goal is to get into animal wellness more and I would be very interested in attending the September 2007 Holstic conference.

Would you please put me on the list and let me know when you have more information? Thanks.

Woofie has done wonders on your diet. He loves it. Sometimes he will get some sort of other healthy snack. I have a wonderful holistic vet, Priscilla Taylor, and she did put Woofie on Soloxine and has acupuncture three times. We are slated to go back in a few weeks for another session. He is not perfect but he is so much better. Being a homeopathic student I am aware that chronic issues come out in the skin and it is not quick healing. So, as long as I see improvement, I am happy. I think he will continue to heal. Thank you for talking with me - it really helped me to have another expert tell me he may have to have medication as well as the holistic approach. Take care and I look forward to our next meeting.

Gayle, CA.

My Rotty (Schotzie) just had her 14th birthday. She was diagnosed with inoperable cancer a year and 4 months ago and if that wasn't bad enough, she ended up with vestibular too. She is on the Volhard Cancer diet and she was on Bach remedy for vestibular and has come through with flying colors and made it to 14. For a year she was unable to climb up onto the beds and for the last month she has been jumping from one to the other, I can't get them made fast enough. We are so glad she is still with us, thanks to her diet and a great vet. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

Donna and Schotzie the wonder dog

Tried the new NDF 2 on the dogs. The good news is that both my Rat Terrier Scooter and Tippy my Border Collie/Pit Bull mix, scarfed the food down like it was their last meal. Tippy isn't picky, but Scooter is quite particular. I mixed two cups of NDF 2 mix with three cups of water and the beef. The consistency was like thick oatmeal. I had fed another dehydrated food to Scooter before, but she wouldn't eat what stuck to the sides, which was a lot. With your food, she licked the bowl clean as a whistle. So far so good!

Marc Goldberg, CDT
IACP Certified Dog Trainer
ForceFree Method www.ChicagoDogTrainer.com
Vice President, International Association of Canine Professionals
IACP Professional Member #1099


Wendy, just wanted to let you know that Shep did great on the NDF 2. His coat softened and some skin issues he had did clear up. At the same time he was on Standard Process supplements prescribed by our vet. She tested and confirmed the diet was good for him. I think it really helped get him back in balance. I loved the ease of preparation and look forward to having it available. All three of them have tried NDF 2 and quickly licked the bowls clean. You've done a great job!!! Many thanks –


Hi Everyone,

First, this is the first time I am replying to the group. Usually I just read, but I have to share my story about black skin. I am not sure what symptoms you are speaking of when you say black skin, but I can share what changed my Jack Russel's skin color and what changed it back. Hands down her food. She was on a raw diet, her skin was turning black on her stomach, her hair was changing, I noticed she just wasn't herself and had a blood panel drawn. Her liver enzymes were off the charts. I changed her diet to add some whole grains, oatmeal, etc. and slowly but surely the black stomach starting fading.

I since put her on NDF2 plus my own meat and she has a new coat, no smell, and her breath is actually pleasant. After nine years of smelly breath and me continually playing with her food adding this and that, I can stop playing.

Linda, IL


Sun Sep 23, 2007 I am fairly new to the list too, but not to the Volhard diet. My advice to you is read the book, and start feeding your dogs the NDF diet. You won't believe how many problems will go away! There is a good chance that your vet will not approve, but do it anyway! The results will be amazing, and the blood work will prove how great that food is. Go for it! and good luck!

Barbara, New York


Hello Gracious Wendy, Thank you for bequeathing your knowledge on Suzi and Sandy and I. Three spirits drove home today with peace in our car. The little child had a Bull-dog sized appetite this evening. We shall adhere to your feeding guidelines, and will zealously deliver our Suzi back to the land of the spunky. Thank you for letting dogs take over your life.

Gratefully, Sam


I don't usually write testimonial type letters but feel compelled to tell you about my little red rescued Aussie named Cassie. I am involved in a large Aussie rescue group (ARPH) and routinely take Aussies from the local shelters.

A little over 2 years ago I picked up a 2-3 year old female from the local shelter in Tucson with horrible allergies. We tried many things including shampoos, diet, Chinese herbs (I work for Dr. Randy Aronson), antibiotics and the dreaded steroids. We obtained only minimal results.

I heard great things about raw diets from a friend (Marcia Lucas) but was skeptical because I'd seen so many dogs suffering from raw diets done incorrectly. During this time I ran several thyroid tests on this dog but all were within normal range. I finally decided to try your NDF formula (OK, Marcia twisted my arm) and once again ran a complete blood profile on Cassie as recommended in your book prior to starting a raw diet. Finally, she came back hypothyroid and all other results were normal.

I'll fast forward to today, almost 7 months later. Cassie is a gorgeous deep chesnut color (she's a red bi) with full furnishings that actually get matted on occasion. She still has occasional allergy flare ups that involve some scratching and maybe a scab or two. She's a solid mass of muscle with beautiful teeth and that glorious coat. I really wish I had taken before and after photos. It's truly amazing. Marcia was already a "believer" and is still amazed at the difference in Cassie. She is currently on herbs (2 Docs Allergy Defense Formula), a low dose of Soloxine, a multivitamin, an additional fatty acid supplement and your diet. She is a happy, healthy, spunky herding dog that chases the cats and horses now instead of sitting on the front porch scratching.

Needless to say my hubby and I adopted her and are committed to keeping her healthy and happy for the rest of her life. Hats off to you Mrs. Volhard, Cassie thanks you.

Thank you, Randi Latimer, CVT ARPH foster home Amado, Az


I have been in WY the past 10 days (family reunion). John stayed home with the Labrador kids, feeding them NDF 2. He reported as of Wed (6 days on NDF 2), Amelia is like a puppy again. She is initiating play with Shane, AND boxing him around a bit! Shane seems to be about the same, no noticeable difference. The food will be gone come Thurs (total of two weeks elapsed for 2 dogs). As soon as it is available, I'm sure I will be buying more!

Marcia Lucas Los Alamos, NM


Susan, my partner, absolutely loves the NDF 2 as does her other 1/2 who is now willing to be involved in the feeding LOL!

Crista, Houston, TX


My two Shepherds were overweight, had allergies, shed all the time and hated eating. Sometimes I left their food down all morning hoping they would eat something. We tried many of the premium brand dry foods. They would only eat in the evening when we put human food on their food and then they overate, thus getting so heavy. We were spending a fortune on veterinary care per month with digestive enzymes and allergy shots. Since NDF 2 I can’t get the bowl of food down on the floor fast enough. Before I have stood up straight the food has gone – the dogs love it. They are now playing with the grandchildren in the swimming pool, have resumed their German Shepherd shape and just love their food. My vet bills are almost nothing in comparison to the last year. We loved being on the ‘test’ diet – thanks for asking us.

Claire, Culpeper, Va. ________________________________________________________________________