Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition
Volhard Dog Training  and Nutrition

  Dehydrated Natural Dog Food
All you add is raw meat and water

The Natural Diet dehydrated dog foods are produced from a recipe developed and clinically tested for over 30 years by Wendy Volhard.  Whether you choose to use Natural Diet AM & PM, or prefer the convenience of NDF 2, a commitment to nourishing and natural dog food is guaranteed. All products are made from ingredients that are human-grade, not by-products or leftovers deemed unfit for human consumption. During processing only moisture is extracted, so that the integrity of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids is maintained. All you add is meat and water to create a balanced, wholesome diet for your dog.

NDF 2 is a high
quality, convenient and economic way to feed your dog - the ultimate raw and natural diet for dogs of all life stages.

provides you with the maximum flexibility to meet the special dietary needs of your dog. NDF AM & PM was the first dehydrated dog food on the market and is based on the Natural Diet recipe developed by Wendy Volhard in 1972.

The Natural Diet - the Original dates back to 1972, and is based on sound research and clinical studies, as well as years of practical experience, of what dogs need for a long and healthy life
. This original recipe is still has a wide following. Many pet owners prefer to know what is in their pets' diet and prepare it themselves. Painstaking for sure, but well worth the effort. Just like individuals who still prepare their own meals in preference to consuming processed foods with who knows what's in them.

For more information and the recipe for the Original Natural Diet, see, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog by Wendy Volhard & Kerry Brown, DVM (Howell Book House, 2000).

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